A New Alliance!


Dear everybody, today is the beginning of a new era on Darkmoon Faire. We have formed an alliance with the guild "Explain". With this new bonding, we attempt to restore the feeling of trust and togetherness that once defined Darkmoon Faire as a realm.

A letter from Kettlina


Dear (Ex-) Highborne Society guild members,

As you have noticed, I have decided to dethrone Highbank and I have taken over the Guild Master's duties. My wish is to discuss the future of The Highborne Society with the remaining active members. I understand this is very sudden and I hope to answer some questions with the text below:

What's going on?

I have taken the Guild Master position in The Highborne Society through and ingame function called "Dethrone". Although it's quite undemocratic, I felt that I could contribute something to this guild by doing so.

All current members have been Pro-/Demoted to "Legacy". The Legacy rank is like a normal guild member, but is guaranteed not to be removed from the guild. Nightrain and Highbank (the previous Guild Master) have been made Regents.

Sure, but why??

When I just entered the "World of Warcraft", I was guided by a Night Elf of approximately level 30 named "Nightrain". Nightrain introduced me to a very nice guild called "Order of Reunion". This guild was like a family to me, and everybody was helpful and friendly. In the end, a conflict still unclear to me tore this guild up, and I followed part of it remnants and joined the Highborne Society. I knew many people from the Order of Reunion there, and after a while, my faith was restored and I felt like being in a family again. Then the unspeakable happened. After a few days of being gone, the vast majority of the guild was gone...

For more than 2 years now, The Highborne Society has been a dormant guild. Slowly but steadily, old friends have been forgotten and good memories are fading. Feeling unable to change the situation, I decided to leave Darkmoon Faire for good, and join up with some friends on Kazzak. I've spent my time there exploring the new Cataclysm content.

After a while, I moved on to try several other MMORPGs, (such as RIFT, TERA, Guild Wars, etc). Playing these games made it painfully obvious for me that my heart was tied to another place. The world of Warcraft. The Darkmoon Faire EU realm to be more precise. I've been away for long times, always to end up seeing what was going on in The Highborne Society.

Saddened by the fact that there were less and less people, and almost nobody was online anymore, I often retreated back to Kazzak.

Today (23-3-2012) I returned from being offline for a long time, and the Guild Interface confronted me with a "Dethrone" button. After a few minutes of consideration, with a racing heart, I pressed the button.

Right. But what's going to happen now?

Well, first I will contact the remaining few active members to see what your initial responses are to this "coup d' etat", and if you share my wish to create a future for this guild.

The next phase will be about planning and decisions. Questions such as, but not limited to, "What kind of activities and goals will our guild pursue?", "Who may invite others into the guild and what kind of people are we looking for?" and "How big do we want this guild to become" will be attended to.

What follows then is a process of rebuilding this guild, creating new ties, finding new friends and most important: To have fun in the game we all love!

What about the original guild officers?

The continued guildmembership of all "Legacy" guildmembers is guaranteed. All officers among them have that same guarantee.

Due to the wishes of the old Guild Master, the restrictions on the guild bank will remain enforced for now.

All Legacy guild officers can request the restoring of their old ranks. I have noted all old ranks, and I'd be happy to welcome back some old regents amongst the Officer's team.

As the new Guild Master, I will attempt to preserve as much of the old guild as possible, while building a new family upon its foundations. I will not release my position for as long as there still is in this guild. (And I have lots of hope).

If there are any objections against the revival of this guild, I am sure we can work something out, but I will not disband this guild, nor let it bleed to death due to inactive officers.

If you still have questions about the situation, feel free to contact me in any of these ways:
(Mention the guild in your contact request or I might ignore you)

Skype: harald.saan
More detailed contact information can be found in the guild info section.

Yours sincerely,

(A.K.A. Kettling, Kettleena and Fadingmoon)

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